How Virgin Active championed a workforce exercise scheme

We know the value of staying healthy. In fact, come 2018, most of us have probably stuck a low-calorie, vegan recipe on the fridge with hopes to make this year the year to change our diets for the better. Or, you may have joined a gym, but, have found that you spend more time standing under the air con waiting for the treadmill to become free than actually working out. Disappointing cold quinoa salads, coupled with lacklustre gym sessions, make our cosy sofas and a glass of wine all the more appealing.
Luckily, if you work at Virgin Active, you won’t be facing that conflicting choice between relaxing or pumping iron. Speaking to HR Grapevine, Hilary Tysoe, People Director at Virgin Active UK, explains how they have championed a workforce exercise scheme that offers staff the opportunity to work out.
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