Rocketing HR wages outstrip average salary rises

HR wages have shot up at an average of 2.6% since the end of 2016 – higher than the national average of 2.3%.
The analysis of more than seven million jobs posted since the start of 2015, compiled by Reed Human Resources, found that businesses are now more willing to pay higher rates to secure new HR talent.
Within HR, roles for Learning and Development managers experienced a seven per cent boost in advertised salaries, whilst recruitment co-ordinators saw a six per cent boost.
This is alongside a five per cent increase in the number of HR roles. Chris Adcock, Divisional Director at Reed Human resources said: “Staff turnover costs companies £4.13 billion each year, so, companies want to recruit the best HR talent to help cut these costs. As a result, hiring managers are asking their boards to commit more money towards recruitment of new staff, and that is reflected in the advertised salaries.
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