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5 signs your company is on the verge of collapse

It’s a fear that many professionals live with on a daily basis in the modern workplace; the idea that you may one day arrive at your desk, only to receive a company-wide email explaining that in a tough market, the Board has decided that it simply cannot justify the steady decline in profits.

How long should you stay in a job?

Do you enjoy where you work? If the answer is yes, then well done – you’re one of just 15% of workers worldwide who feel valued in their current company.

Are informal job interviews the way forward?

When a candidate is invited to a job interview, it is often assumed that this assessment will take place in a formal environment such as the company’s office or at the recruiter’s office.

5 teambuilding techniques you should be using

It's easy, when considering a multi-national corporation such as Berkshire Hathaway or Royal Dutch Shell, to see large companies as a faceless monolith of financial input and output without considering the millions of small duties that contribute to its entirety.

How to vastly grow your confidence at work

As a business leader, you’re expected to be bold, headstrong and confident. However, sometimes this simply doesn’t come naturally.

Three reasons why you may be feeling stuck in your job

Feeling stuck in a job isn’t just bad for productivity – it’s bad for physical and mental health and ultimately can massively damage the progression of your career.

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How to tell if your employees respect you

When it comes to effective leadership, knowing that you command the respect of your employees is imperative to your success. Mutual respect between you and year team ultimately leads to more effective communication, greater employee satisfaction and greater productivity across the organisation.

Female execs facing 'unmanageable' workplace stress

New research has revealed that women feel more stressed than men at work – with one in 10 feeling like their stress levels are unmanageable.

Does your company have a 'work drinks' issue?

Whilst socialising with colleagues is an important part of building team comradery, in many industries the age-old tradition of team drinks at lunchtime may not be as harmless as some major corporations would like to believe.

Keen candidate who turned up a month early for interview bags the job

A previous jobseeker who turned up a month early for her Skype interview with Microsoft has landed her dream role with the tech giant.

Employees offered 12 weeks of 'life leave'

An Australian-based company has rolled out a new initiative where employees are offered between six to 12 weeks of ‘life leave’ – the Independent reports.

4 recruiter tips for drafting the perfect first message to your candidates

The first message a recruiter sends can be the most important. It hopefully signals the start of a new relationship – one which is potentially beneficial for the recruiter and life-changing for the candidate.

What every employer needs to know about apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can be mutually beneficial for both company and apprentice, and whilst providing workplace education to a junior may be taxing, teaching a potential future employee your practices can result in a dedicated and highly talented worker.

Which industries receive the most applications per vacancy?

Recruiters in certain industries are being overwhelmed with applications

Five things your employees value more than salary


Is this the most dangerous job to recruit for?

While many individuals like to live on the edge, it seems as though this job role may be pushing the boat out a little bit.

Pension Facts

The Auto Enrolment contributions are to increase on the 6th April 2019 with employers contribution raising to a minimum contribution of 3% of qualified earnings. We have found some interesting facts about Pensions..

UK workers feel 'shamed' out of taking holiday

British employees are failing to make the most of their holiday allowance – with 44% failing to use all of theirs last year, according to a new report from Tombola.

Vacancies fall as job market slumps

New research conducted by Adzuna

Five key signs that you're burning out at work

Are you feeling tired all the time? Increased anxiety levels?. These are two of the symptoms of that perhaps your on the road to a burnout

The 5 worst business mistakes in history

Doh! Think you have made a bad decision at work? See who missed a trick and turned down some of the biggest deals.

Five ways to improve gratitude in your office

The Best CV Buzzwords To Use In 2019

Making your CV stand out from the crowd these days is challenging when you apply for a role, you are most likely competing with people who have very similar qualifications. If you are not having much luck to date, perhaps it is time to rethink your CV and approach it not as a candidate, but as an employer.