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Burnout | These are the industries with the most sleep-deprived staff

New research into industries with the most sleep deprived and the best-rested employees has shed light on the impact that burnout continues to have in the UK. Get Laid Beds conducted research into which professions result in the most and least sleepless nights, based on a survey of over 3,000 working individuals.

Business Transformation | Why you need a new mindset to change your fortunes

A high number of business transformations fail for two reasons – people fear change and change is hard. When businesses transform it creates a melting pot of uncertainty and angst - they are taking a leap into the unknown.

WFH & dog-friendly offices | These are the perks jobseekers want most right now

Remote roles, dog-friendly offices and part-time work are among the most in-demand perks currently being sought by jobseekers, new research has revealed.

How to cope with the cost of living crisis

We asked the experts how you can keep the cost of bills down while inflation is high.

'Make or break'

Nine in 10 workers think there is a strong link between their firm’s culture and their wellbeing and productivity, new research has found. The study undertaken by wellbeing specialists Westfield Health highlights the importance of workplace culture and its impact on businesses' success.

Sleeping on the job

Businesses are losing thousands of pounds per year due to employees struggling with poor sleep and mental health issues such as depression, a new report has found.

Can deep work really make you 500% more productive?

Is it true that if you wait for motivation to get any work done, you’ll never get anywhere? It certainly sounds plausible. But for many people, particularly those with neurodivergence such as ADHD, the feeling of being motivated may occur less often, or at times when it’s not as needed.

UK heatwave: how to keep cool and stay safe in 40C

How to stay cool indoors and safe in the sun as parts of England brace for record-breaking temperatures

Set Goals That Really Matter for Your Career

Set career goals that will make you love your job. How often have you sat down to establish a list of career goals and resolutions only to find out later that they were about as (un)realistic as your New Year's resolutions? You wanted to have a six-figure salary by the fifth year into your career. You wanted a corner office. Maybe you even thought it would be possible to increase sales by 20 percent without taking a good look at the economy during that period.

Running out of steam?

Hunched at your desk and running out of steam by midday? Instead of reaching for an espresso, move like McCartney and do a headstand. Building a couple of minutes of upside down time into your day could revitalise your brain, improve your mood, and open up a whole new way of looking at the world, say experts.

15 Futuristic Jobs That Will Be Common in the Next Few Decades

Future jobs will center around space travel, AI, 3D printing, and robotics. Jobs will be very different in the next few decades. Emerging technologies and decade-defining problems will create job titles that you have never seen before. According to research presented by the World Economic Forum, over the next ten years, 1.2 billion employees worldwide will be affected by the adaptation of automation technologies and AI. It is believed that this will involve up to 50% of the world economy and will disrupt $14.6 trillion in wages. However, this might not be a bad thing. This disruption could lead to a new range of jobs in various sectors, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Arena Personnel Office Hours

After Covid we are now back in the office.......

38% of UK Workers Suffering from Imposter Syndrome

Only 62% of the UK workforce are confident in their jobs, new data from leading job search engine Adzuna reveals. The research delved into career confidence across the UK and can reveal that 38% of employed adults are not 100% confident they are capable of fulfilling all the requirements of their current job role, with 2% admitting they always doubt their capabilities.

Working from home? How these 4 houseplants can boost your productivity

If you’ve worked from home or remotely, then you have had a taste of the numerous benefits it comes with. There is more flexibility and freedom compared to an office setting, not to mention possible savings and less stress when it comes to the daily commute. You also get to customize your office the way you prefer, unlike working from the company’s offices where workstations are predesigned by the employer. Moreover, many companies offer remote work opportunities these days.

Fountain to Fountain Hike Garden House Hospice

Fountain to Fountain Hike Garden House Hospice Care and Isabel Hospice come together once again to bring you the Fountain 2 Fountain Hike. “A trail of two hospices” Sat 25 June 2022 This truly outstanding walking challenge that links the world’s only two “Garden Cities” will take you through approx. 16 miles of rarely trodden trails, treating you to some of the most beautiful views, ancient woodland and hidden paths, deep within the Hertfordshire countryside. The rural and almost entirely traffic free route starts from Broadway Gardens Fountain in Letchworth Garden City (the home of Garden House Hospice Care) to journeys end at the Coronation Fountain in the centre of Welwyn Garden City (the home of Isabel Hospice).

‘It’s time to break the bad news bias’

A report out this week confirmed something that we at Positive News have long suspected: people are switching off from the mainstream news because it is so overwhelmingly negative. Research published by the Reuters Institute suggests that 38 per cent of people globally now avoid the news. In the UK, that figure was 46 per cent – a rate that has nearly doubled since 2016. Among the reasons for disconnecting, 55 per cent of UK avoiders said, quite simply, that the news was bringing them down – the highest rate among the countries sampled.

Hiring Regret – Your Options

If you’ve found yourself in the same position, you’re probably wondering what your options are moving forward. In this article, we’ll explore your choices. But first…

Feeling Lonely in the workplace (copy)

As little as four per cent of UK workers would reach out to HR if they were feeling lonely, new research has revealed.

Stevenage Day 2022

As the largest free event of its kind in Hertfordshire, Stevenage Day 2022 will be bigger and better than ever.

The New World Of Work

When you ask many executives to define disruption most will quickly begin to speak about how the pandemic of 2020 forced their organisation to fast track their long-term digital and transformational objectives, leapfrogging 3-5 years in 6 months, which was a major tipping point. For some, 2020 is the year of the pandemic, for others 2020 was an opportunity and viewed as the year of digital transformation.

The Nation Voted: UK’s Favourite Office Snacks

The chocolate digestive has been crowned the most-loved office snack in a nationwide poll, whilst Graze boxes have been ranked the worst snack.

'Take a proper break'

The country is getting ready to celebrate the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, this week on her Platinum Jubilee. To honour the Queen and her 70-year reign, street parties will be taking place up and down the country. And new research by HR software provider CIPHR has revealed how British workers are planning on spending their time off over the forthcoming Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday weekend. Based on a poll of more than 1,000 people, the results suggested that most people will be taking the opportunity to rest, unwind and catch up with loved ones.

Relationships | How do you come back from offending a colleague?

According to a recent report from ACAS (based partially on survey data provided by CIPD), the total cost of conflict to UK organisations in 2021 was £28.5 billion – the equivalent of more than £1,000 for each employee.


It is no longer the Millennials which are taking up the attention of every demographer, sociologist and recruiter. The Millennials are quite firmly in the workforce, taking up 35% of roles (due to be 50% globally by 2020) despite their fierce fight against traditional working structures and perceived elongation of youth. They rocked the boat for employers in terms of flexible/agile working, use of technology, and the general notion that work should not just be work, it should be fun. But Gen Z are different.

Too shy? | Why young staff fear they're missing out at work

79% of young people believe they have missed out at work due to lack of assertiveness, according to new research.

Viral TikTok sparks debate

Social media presents opportunities for satirical portrayals of every subject under the sun, and workplace issues have become an increasingly frequent topic, with the pandemic putting more emphasis than ever before on the matter of employee-employer relations.

Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday

With the up and coming 4 day weekend (2nd to the 5th June) we thought you might like to see what's on offer to celebrate the Queens Jubilee.


It’s 2022. Grocery prices are increasing quickly and dramatically. There are major price hikes on virtually every item in the grocery store. If you’re struggling to get food on the table without blowing your entire paycheck, you need easy-to-implement tips now

Letchworth Festival 2022

The popular Letchworth Festival event has been missed by audiences, performers and Letchworth residents in recent years as, like the majority of the cultural sector, the pandemic has curtailed and cancelled planned activities.

Returning retirees | Employers are getting an unexpected workforce boost

There's much more to flexible working than the 4-day week or working from home

1 in 8 staff 'not paid enough' to cover food & bills, report finds

One-fifth of British staff have gone back to work for an ex-boss

Viral TikTok star protests cost of living by moving into office cubicle

7 in 10 office workers demand action against loneliness

Can smart working flexibility help candidate attraction and retention?

Money talks | Bosses offering 3% pay rise may still lose staff

Sanctions and supply chains | How the Ukraine war is affecting business

Could recruiting older workers solve your 'Great Resignation' problem?

Why bringing back ex-staff could help bosses win the war for talent

Companies with female leaders outperform those led by men

Bullying & withheld pay claims lead to calls for crackdown on bad bosses

Are bosses really 'scared' of younger workers?

HR leaders step in to help Ukrainian workers leave the country

Employer responsibility | 5 impactful ways to look after your team's physical wellbeing in 2022

Managing absences

Muddy Mayhem

Cost of living crisis | HR 'under pressure' to help staff as inflation outpaces wage growth AGAIN

UK staff receive up to 10 out-of-hours emails every day

Standalone Farm re opens it's doors this week

Standalone has teamed up with Letchworth based nature lover, and incredible floral designer Alice van der List from All in One Season to bring a unique floral workshop to the farm this Spring.

Valentine's Day is here

Valentine’s Day. It’s the only holiday based solely on emotion, and—as you can imagine—that can lead to some serious workplace tension. And it doesn’t matter if you love love, are lovesick, or sick of love - it’s here to stay.

Half of staff would sacrifice part of their salary for better benefits

Nearly half of bosses would rehire workers they once SACKED

Google enforces mandatory weekly COVID testing, should you?

As WFH guidance ends, THIS is how workers feel about returning to the office

Wage rises not keeping pace with the cost of living

Britain in gloom | What bosses can do to raise morale

'Against our beliefs' | Worker sacked for getting COVID jab

Sick day stigma | 1 in 3 UK staff didn't take sick leave in 2021

Money matters | How HR can support staff hit by pension age chaos (copy)

Isolation fears | Are we experiencing the death of the office friendship?

Wellbeing | Poor mental health 'top reason' for time off work in 2021

New year, new job | 3 in 5 will spend Christmas break updating their CV

Spying bosses | Viral TikTok video shows remote staff how to 'fake work' as WFH snooping rises

'No jab, no job' | Google threatens to sack unvaccinated workers

Racism row | HR probe into black worker's sex life 'wouldn't have happened if she was white'

'Fat shaming' | Boss said job candidate's weight was 'off-putting'

Win the race for talent | The frustration of losing candidates at the final hurdle

Woman claims job offer was rescinded due to her depression

How does engagement effect retention of staff?

Staggering difference between employment rates of mums compared to dads

UK locations where employees experience MOST discrimination

Work environments | 4 reason why happy employees mean a happy business

Back-to-office | 1 in 5 still not ready to get back to 'normal life'

60% of Brits would rather go to the DENTIST than attend back-to-back work meetings

UK's top companies for work-life balance - do you work at one?

THIS generation is at the heart of the great resignation

5 benefits employees will want most in 2022

Are 'spreading' staff shortages about to impact you?

Over half of women say WFH could boost career

UK job vacancies hit record high as unemployment drops

Are these new perks 'tempting' staff back to offices?

7 in 10 firms expect redundancies as furlough scheme nears end

70% of HRDs say jabs will become compulsory in their firm

Pointless work chats are wasting time, and it might be your fault

LAZY' home workers just want to 'doss on the sofa', boss rants on LinkedIn

Labour crisis | These industries need more staff DESPERATELY

No bank holiday when Queen dies, 'leaked' official docs reveal

Have professional standards been slipping due to homeworking

Staff shortages 'could last two years' says industry group

Where are the most financially stressed employees in the UK?

Growing number of Brits using dating apps to find jobs

The Great Resignation | Why are so many workers quitting right now?

Returning to the workplace.

HR Grapevine report the latest tips for thoes anxious about returning to the work place.

'Really beneficial' | Sunak warns young may miss out due to remote working - is he right?

'Employers are struggling' | 1 in 5 firms consider cutting jobs as furlough scheme winds down

Could TikTok be the next big recruitment tool?

Employee counselling needs spike by 145% as lockdown eases

'Freedom Day' has passed - here's what to consider in a workplace mask policy

'Overwhelming success'

Back to the office: Happy or stressed?

'No office return'

Habits UK staff want BANNED from workplace post-pandemic

Casual wear is here to stay, but what effect does it have on business?

How Interview Techniques are changing.

What these 5 leaders would ask and why.

Weirdest questions candidates have been asked during an interview

Weirdest questions candidates have been asked during an interview

What are your main reasons for missing the office during lockdown?

Office workers have shared what they miss most about being in a physical workplace, having worked remotely for the past seven months, with many longing for gossip, their desk and meetings with colleagues

Why Pay the Real Living Wage?

Nicola Ryan from Hr Review, explains why companies should pay the Real Living Wage, not to be confused with the National Living Wage.


With remote working still largely in place across the UK, the recent bout of freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions likely caused less disruption to the workforce than it would have in previous years.

Are cigarettes and drinking acceptable on video calls?

There is no denying that working from home comes with several benefits that staff members can enjoy.

What boost's your mood when working from home?

With employees continuing to work from home amid the pandemic, it is possible that some will listen to tunes to help them get through the working day.

UK's most-HATED office jargon from the last decade

Is your Video Call bugbear in the top 10 ?

But as with any technology, glitches can occur, and video calls are no different to this issue. As more and more professionals relied on this type of software to communicate with colleagues, managers and clients, these tech issues became more prevalent.

Third of Brits have more aches & pains

The most awkward work call moments REVEALED

How HR can avoid stress at home during lockdown

For around ten months now employees have been working remotely from the comfort of their own home. Yet, this new way of working has fuelled an increase in burnout, lack of productivity and the inability for many to switch off from work at the end of the day.

Five ways to keep staff morale high this Christmas

Can employers ban anti-vaxxers from workplaces?

Lockdown sees more staff signed off with mental health issues

Can you get fired for your personal beliefs?

Have workers reached 'peak COVID fatigue'?

UK workers share biggest lockdown confessions

Has remote working ended workplace romances?

This ONE thing is driving a massive uptake in female senior leaders

How to handle disengaged employees

How your salary compares to THESE iconic leaders

How to create the ultimate work from home set-up

Tips for supporting staff members

Staff urged to dance to win 'overtime' hours

Staff have no intention of returning to 'normal'

3 secrets to breaking up the monotony of the working week

Digital meetings have transformed formal workwear

What workers are REALLY doing when they should be in virtual meetings

New remote work study reveals surprising data

1 in 5 employees sleep on the job

The strangest places Brits claim to be working at home