15 Futuristic Jobs

15 Futuristic Jobs That Will Be Common in the Next Few Decades

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Future jobs will center around space travel, AI, 3D printing, and robotics. Jobs will be very different in the next few decades. Emerging technologies and decade-defining problems will create job titles that you have never seen before. According to research presented by the World Economic Forum, over the next ten years, 1.2 billion employees worldwide will be affected by the adaptation of automation technologies and AI. It is believed that this will involve up to 50% of the world economy and will disrupt $14.6 trillion in wages. However, this might not be a bad thing. This disruption could lead to a new range of jobs in various sectors, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Most of the jobs of today will not just disappear. Instead, many of them will likely evolve to match an automated or digital world. Beyond AI and automation though, new opportunities in fields like space tourism, drone technologies, social media, 3D printing, and IoT opportunities will emerge for those interested in these fields. Your hobby for desktop 3D printing could be a viable skill. 

How does "3D Printing Food Specialist" Sound? Or, maybe you can take your aerospace engineering degree with a minor in off-planet hospitality and become a space tourism guide. Immediate threats to the planet like global warming will require Climate Reversal Specialists.

The next decade's jobs will correlate directly not just with automation but with the current challenges and trends directly weaving their ways into our everyday lives. Today we are going to look at some future jobs that may well become commonplace in the coming decades. Jobs that may seem like they belong in an episode of Westworld. 

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