Rules for better work-life balance

3 simple rules for better work-life balance

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There’s nothing wrong with being a dedicated hard worker, but as with all things in life, moderation and vigilance is the only way to ensure your path to success.

The failure of lazy workers is inevitable, but this can also be the case for engaged workers who find themselves burned out from over-investment.

To truly ensure that your career is sustainable, you need to accept that time away from your desk is just as important as time spent working and as such, your work-life balance is absolutely essential. Yet, workers simply aren’t taking this onboard. A study by Harvard Business School in 2018 discovered that 94% of senior professionals work over 50 hours per week, yet shockingly, the same group average just 2 hours and 48 minutes of what they consider ‘productive’ time per day and 40% admitted to still being at their computers past 10pm at least once per week.

So, what can you do about it? Obviously working to the point of exhaustion isn’t an option; if the above stats sound familiar to you then you need to truly re-think your work strategy from the ground up, and the three key points below are an ideal place to start.

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