Brits would rather go to the DENTIST

60% of Brits would rather go to the DENTIST than attend back-to-back work meetings

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New research released today has looked into the real feelings of Brits when faced with a stark choice – either go to the dentist or attend back-to-back working meetings.

A whopping 61% said that they would pick a date with the dentist instead of having to attend consecutive work meetings (either virtual or in-person), according to a survey which was commissioned by and conducted by 3Gem.

However, there did appear to be a clear divide among some of the UK’s major cities.

In fact, Sunderland’s workers (at 83%) were most likely in the UK to opt for having some dentistry done, followed closely by Coventry and Walsall (80% each).

By contrast, workers in Derby (62%) favoured back-to-back meetings, instead of having their teeth looked at by the dentist. 

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