Labour Crisis

Are 'spreading' staff shortages about to impact you?

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  • There are few workplaces left to be affected by the current labour crisis across the UK.

  • And a new survey suggests that a lack of staff has put pressure on more than a quarter of firm’s ability to operate at normal levels.

  • With Brexit and COVID both acting as the fall guy, where do firms place the real blame?

Until recently, labour crises are thought to have hit the haulage, farming and hospitality sectors the hardest.

But a new survey has found that the talent pool drought has spread to almost all parts of the economy, putting “severe pressure” on businesses across the UK.

The report, released by accountancy and advisory firm BDO, polled 500 British firms on how the pandemic and Brexit had affected their workforces. The results found more than a quarter said the lack of staff was putting pressure on their ability to operate at normal levels, as was the lack of supplies and reduced stock levels.

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