Stalking your candidates on Facebook

Are you stalking your candidates on Facebook?

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Regular social media users will notice the abundance of targeted ads that crop up along their news feed – for example if you’ve been searching for a new sofa, chances are some images of furniture deals will likely make their way onto your timeline.

Now it seems that job advertisements are starting to find their way on jobseekers’ timelines, too, reports the BBC.

In a bid to ‘stalk’ candidates and find new talent, recruiters looking for someone with a specific set of skills are using the information gained by social media site Facebook, which is built based on the behaviour of a user.

Realising the advantage this handy new tool can offer, recruiters have started to adopt the tool; for example, Jorgen Sundberg, Founder of digital marketing agency Link Humans, estimates that 10% of the UK’s almost 20,000 agencies are now using Facebook advertising, the BBC shared.

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