Burnout | These are the industries with the most sleep-deprived staff

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New research into industries with the most sleep deprived and the best-rested employees has shed light on the impact that burnout continues to have in the UK. Get Laid Beds conducted research into which professions result in the most and least sleepless nights, based on a survey of over 3,000 working individuals.

The research looked into which job types cause professionals to get under five hours of sleep and which job types allow professionals to get over seven hours of sleep a night, on average.

Half of those working in the energy and utilities sector get over seven hours sleep, the most of any of the 23 professional areas analysed.

The research revealed the industries where employees are most likely to suffer with a bad night’s sleep were:

  • Science and pharmaceuticals

  • Business, consulting and management

  • Leisure, sport and tourism

  • Healthcare

  • Law enforcement and security

In comparison, the industries that admit to getting, on average, more than 7+ nights sleep a night were:

  • Energy and utilities

  • Marketing, advertising and PR

  • Sales

  • Transport and logistics

  • Recruitment

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