Transformed Formal Workwear

Digital meetings have transformed formal workwear

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Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit, many organisations and workforces were moved to homeworking arrangements virtually overnight. And with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently telling Brits to ‘work from home if you can’, working from home is likely to be the norm for many for the foreseeable future.

To keep employees connected when they are working from home, technology such as emails, messaging platforms, phone calls and video meetings have enabled teams to communicate and continue working as normal. But, without being in a physical office and embarking on the daily commute, many employees have opted for more comfortable clothing while working from home – mainly because, for the most part, they aren’t visible to colleagues and bosses. If workers are required to take part in work Zoom calls, they may opt for more comfortable and casual attire on the bottom half, with a more professional look from the top up that can be seen on screen.

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