Perks over pay

Half of staff would sacrifice part of their salary for better benefits

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One in two employees would sacrifice more of their basic salary to get a personalised employee benefits package, new research from global life insurance provider MetLife has found.

The research was conducted as part of MetLife’s Re:Me report, which looks at how the pandemic has shifted attitudes in the workplace. Among its findings is the discovery that 69% of employers say they’d work harder for an employer who provided benefits that were tailored to their individual needs.

The Re:Me report is among current research demonstrating that attitudes to work have shifted during the pandemic, and that salary size is no longer the biggest sole motivating factor for employees when it comes to job expectations and satisfaction. MetLife found that the traditional benefits package and desired employee perks have “evolved” since the start of the pandemic.

What’s also shifted is the expectation that the creation of a benefits package is not something dreamt up by bosses, but more of a collaborative process between employer and employee. Almost two in three (62%) employees want to ‘shape their benefit packages with their boss’.

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