Workplace romances

Has remote working ended workplace romances?

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Statistics have indicated that employees are happy to mix business with pleasure if they become romantically involved with a colleague, but how should HR monitor these relationships virtually?


Secretly glancing at a crush across the office. Sneaking in a quick kiss on the cheek over a coffee break in the kitchen, when no one is looking or pinching the company credit card to grab a bottle of wine for two are all scenarios many employees may have found themselves in back in a traditional workplace when embarking on a romantic relationship with a colleague.

In fact, research has found that employee romances were commonplace. Earlier this year, data from Reboot Digital Marketing found that 45% had admitted to some form of a romantic relationship at work during their career. Elsewhere, 2019 Adzuna data discovered that 75% were open to the possibility of a romantic colleague liaison, with 41% fantasising about doing so.

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