Have workers reached COVID fatigue?

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Almost 10 months after the first wave of coronavirus hit the UK, life is still far from normal. Families are still unable to reunite, vulnerable people are still shielding and the balance of home and working life is still very much disrupted.

And on a national scale, the virus has had a massive impact on both the workforce, with many facing redundancy or continued furlough into 2021, and the economy, with uncertainty and financial volatility being a key concern for the vast majority of businesses.

Each day, the headlines are filled with the latest casualties of these uncertain times. Last week, both high street mainstay Debenhams and Philip Green’s retail juggernaut the Arcadia Group crumbled putting thousands more across the UK out of work.

So, with these massive changes continuing to take effect, is it fair to say that the nation has now hit ‘peak pandemic fatigue’?

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