Highest paying entry-level jobs

Highest paying entry-level jobs in the UK 2019 REVEALED

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Investment Banking Analyst has been identified as the top paying entry level job in the UK for 2019.

The job comes with a comfortable median base salary of £50,752. Software engineer (£34,106) and Business Analyst (£32,142) ranked in second and third position, respectively.

Amanda Stansell, Glassdoor’s Economic Research Analyst said that while salary is not the only factor that young jobseekers consider when choosing a company, it still greatly influences a candidate’s choice.

“Investment banks have traditionally been the most generous with salaries to attract entry-level talent, putting candidates through their paces in often gruelling interview processes,” she added.

“However, while an analyst at an investment bank still attracts the largest salary, four of the ten highest paying entry level roles are technology roles. This shows that employers are willing to pay handsomely to find technology talent.”

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