How to make yourself more likeable

How to make yourself more likeable on video chat

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Video calls are now a main part of working life; with employees now working remotely from home, to maintain communication with teams, your boss and clients, video calls are now the main method.

Of course, certain mishaps can happen on camera compared to when you are speaking face-to-face with a colleague in the office. Pets and children can interrupt important meetings, you may forget you are on camera and unintentionally reveal too much skin, or you may forget to mute yourself when you begin to badmouth an idea from your team.

This year alone we have seen a plethora of awkward scenarios unfold on camera, for example one worker forgot to turn her camera off when she used the toilet, while another boss accidentally turned her head into a potato with the help of a camera filter throughout the entire duration of a company meeting.

Considering all of these unfortunate events, it’s worth thinking about how you can actually make people like you virtually. In the workplace, generating friendships is far easier, as you can chit chat with colleagues over the coffee break or debate the daily news with co-workers, but over a video call this is much harder to facilitate.

So how exactly can workers try to make people like them over video? According to the BBC there are some simple steps:-