Are you a natural-born leader

How to tell if you're a natural-born leader

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Most leaders enter the corporate world with no idea on how to manage people. 

The process of gaining the trust of a workforce, mastering the art of persuasion or being able to make rousing public speeches comes from hours of trial and error and some harsh leadership lessons along the way. And whilst it may feel like you’re struggling or not worthy of a leadership status, the truth is that just like being a parent, there isn’t a magical rulebook that holds all of the answers. The process might be emotionally draining and involve a lot of second-guessing, but these things are simply rites of passage if you intend to lead well.

However, to a select few, the fine art of people management comes completely naturally. The vast majority of traits shared by strong leaders are less to do with business sense, and more to do with personality; those looking to learn the art of leadership are, in essence, grasping very natural – and largely socially-oriented – traits.

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