'Spoilt & entitled'

LAZY' home workers just want to 'doss on the sofa', boss rants on LinkedIn

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A recruiter has come under fire for labelling employees who want to work from home as “lazy” people who would rather ‘watch Loose Women’ in their pyjamas than commute to work.

As reported by Metro, recruitment boss James Cox received a backlash to a LinkedIn post, in which he said he was “sick and tired” of hearing job candidates expressing a desire to work from home.

Cox’s post, which attracted almost 2,000 comments, began: “I’m so sick and tired of hearing candidates tell me they want to “work from home” I’ve even found out that there is even an abbreviation for it now! WFH!!

“I’ve done this job for 15 years and before COVID, I had never heard anyone ever say to me that they want to work from home, the world experiences an awful pandemic and all of a sudden we’re all entitled to work from home!!”

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