Post COVID, could we see offices completely disappear?

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The coronavirus pandemic has been a time of massive transition for many companies, with some leaders speculating that it may be the impetus for the largest shift in working culture since the five-day working week. But asides from placing focus on the wellbeing of staff, what has the pandemic actually done to change the world of work?

In March this year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that to stem the flow of the COVID-19 illness engulfing the world, the UK would transition into a strict lockdown. The public was asked in a televised national address to stop leaving the home unless it was for a brief period of exercise or to collect essential supplies. As such, workers were asked, unless absolutely essential, to remain at home and conduct their duties in whatever way they could – or, opt into the Government’s CJRS furlough scheme.

Of course, as the mounting threat of coronavirus began to ease, the Government once again implored workers to return to some semblance of normal and re-enter the office, but an unexpected change had already taken place. Workers liked working from home, and businesses discovered that having remote teams was not only cost-effective but upped productivity and wellbeing.

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