Running out of steam?

Here’s why a two-minute ‘upside down break’ could be the daily boost you need

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Hunched at your desk and running out of steam by midday? Instead of reaching for an espresso, move like McCartney and do a headstand. Building a couple of minutes of upside down time into your day could revitalise your brain, improve your mood, and open up a whole new way of looking at the world, say experts.

Okay, perhaps a full headstand in the office may get you some funny looks from your colleagues but inverted postures (that’s any move that positions your heart above your head) can provide physical relief from hours of sitting or standing, as well as boost blood flow to the brain making you feel more alert, focused and, possibly, calmer.

You can enjoy some topsy-turvy time by simply touching your toes or practicing yoga moves like downward dog – octogenarian Paul McCartney’s epic Glastonbury energy could be due to his daily headstands; and Dua Lipa loves a yoga inversion, crediting them for keeping her strong, grounded and focused.

Or go a step further like author Dan Brown, who is said to boost his creativity by using an inversion table; a fancy bit of kit primarily used for back pain relief but with added medieval torture vibes.

If you fancy a more fun way to get upside down try aerial yoga – your regular practice but done completely via suspended slings to swing, tumble and hang from while twisting your body into Instagram-worthy shapes (check out Holly Willoughby’s ‘inverted butterfly’ position)

How being upside down can boost your body and brain

Our bodies are designed to be upright, so when we turn upside down our cardiovascular and lymphatic systems have to work harder against gravity.

‘The blood will go to your head and remain there – your body is slower in circulating it away as your heart rate decreases,’ Hussain Abdeh, superintendent pharmacist and clinical director at Medicine Direct,’ tells

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