Telltale signs your candidates are LYING

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Landing a new job isn’t always the easiest of experiences for jobseekers; they may not have the specified qualifications needed or perhaps they haven’t had enough experience in the field.

It’s due to this that candidates have been found guilty of embellishing qualifications or experience in a bid to get ahead of their competition.

According to Twin Employment, 52% of candidates believe it is necessary to lie in order to get an interview, while a survey from CareerBuilder found that three in four employers (75%) have caught a lie on a resume.

Diane Arthur, President of Arthur Associates Management Consultants, believes recruiters and hiring managers can catch out liars during the interview process, reports Fast Company.

“Verbal lies, on the other hand, can be less consequential and harder to pin down,” she says. “They are, therefore, more commonplace. It’s up to interviewers to be thorough in their questioning and focus on seeking the truth.”

She has shared these tips to help recruiters catch out suspect fibbers: