The Best CV Buzzwords To Use In 2019

Making your CV stand out from the crowd these days is challenging when you apply for a role.

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Making your CV stand out from the crowd these days is challenging when you apply for a role, you are most likely competing with people who have very similar qualifications. If you are not having much luck to date, perhaps it is time to rethink your CV and approach it not as a candidate, but as an employer.

Employers and recruitment agencies will receive hundreds of CVs for each opportunity on offer, the trick is to stand out from the crowd and make your CV worth reading.

One of the best ways to stand out is to use keywords and phrases that are not considered cliché yet. Consider the following:

“I am comfortable working independently or as part of a team.”

A hiring manager or recruiter will read this line multiple times for each job opportunity. This line is overused and very cliché. It is a line that offers very little value to a candidates CV and if left out does not suggest you have no capacity to work in a team or independently.

A more desirable line might be:

“I am confident in adapting to changing work environments; in my previous role I was responsible for managing several independent projects, whilst also working towards deadlines with the rest of the department.”

By using this line, you have suggested you can work independently and as part of a team, but you have qualified it with experience and also suggested that you are confident, need little direction, responsible, and a trusted employee at your last place of work.


Powerful CV Words

We predict that the following words could enhance your CV over the next year, of course, these are likely to change, and you should always be looking to keep your CV updated anyway. But using these keywords could give your CV a boost.

  1. Solved
  2. Promoted
  3. Adapted
  4. Planned
  5. Managed
  6. Trained
  7. Strengthened
  8. Organised
  9. Oversaw
  10. Directed

The value of these words is that they suggest you have been a valuable employee in the past, and using these words require further explanation and qualification.

Top Tip: Keywords and phrases will not get you a job, your personality will, so let it shine through the words written on your CV and only use the buzzwords if it fits and is typical of who you are.