'The boat sank'

'The boat sank' | 6 in 10 staff find team-building days 'cringe' - here's how HR can change that

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Team building events have been an integral part of strengthening employee bonds for decades. And after two years of Covid-19 restrictions, many firms have spent 2022 thinking of unique and exciting ways to reunite their employees and re-establish the workplace connections that might have been diluted, or lost entirely, due to remote and hybrid working. As companies look for ways to start conversations and spur creativity while spending valuable time together, searches for team building have increased by 24% since last year. However, data has revealed that some workers were less than keen on some of their most recent team bonding days.

According to a YouGov poll, 60% of people found their last workplace team building experience embarrassing, with most admitting they’d rather be working. Some of the worst experiences shared included ‘building a boat, which sank’, ‘feeding my boss chocolate while lying on the floor’ and ‘forming a conga line with everyone blindfolded’.

Positively, four in ten people said that team building help them work together more effectively. So the trick is finding an activity the group is invested in. Considering this, the choice of team building event can significantly impact its effectiveness, and there are ways to make it more appealing.

So how can people ensure their next get-together is a hit instead of a miss?

The experts at Easy Offices conducted research to determine the UK’s favourite and most cringey team-building activities.

Their study found that most workers felt the best way to bond with colleagues were:

  • After work drinks - 46%

  • Connecting in office breakout areas - 30%

  • Team building weekends - 21%

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