They get how much time off?

They get how much time off?! Countries ranked by holiday allowance

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In the summer, the workplace can get feisty. There are those who want the office air conditioning set to Arctic-like conditions, and those that would prefer it to feel like a wood-fired sauna.

Then there’s Satnam from marketing who’s decided he’s on a one-man mission to bring socks, sandals and shorts back into fashion much to chagrin of everyone else around him.

And, according to one recent article in Vice, it raises the possibility of unwanted sexual attention too – with the decreased amount of fabric in office attire leaving employees open to leering and worse.

This all raises tensions – and can make some people feel down-right terrible – which can then be exacerbated by holiday gripes between staff members.

If you haven’t seen the Managing Director all summer or it feels like some staff get a lot more time off than others, everything can bubble over.

So, if you’re thinking of a summer where it needn’t be so tense, here are the countries you should consider moving to for better holiday allowance.