Too Shy?

Too shy? | Why young staff fear they're missing out at work

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79% of young people believe they have missed out at work due to lack of assertiveness, according to new research.

Acuity Training polled 500 people across different industry sectors and age groups, asking them how assertive they felt they were, how they learned to be assertive, and whether they think they’ve missed out from lack of assertiveness.

Assertiveness is a vital tool for getting ahead in the workplace, enabling people to put forward their thoughts, hopes and ideas by expressing themselves clearly and effectively. It’s the balance between being too pushy and being too mousy, and helps boost self-esteem and can also earn the respect of others.

Talking to job website Monster, career coach Cheryl Palmer says being assertive can help you get the salary you want. For the full article from HR Grapevine click here Why young staff fear they're missing out at work | Learning & Development | HR Grapevine | News