What will another six months of lockdown do to wellbeing?

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News that a second lockdown could be on the cards has been widely discussed over the past few weeks, with parts of the north already being placed under further restrictive measures.

And as fears rise over new potential lockdown measures, research has found that worker wellbeing could also take a hit if these come to pass.

In a study of 2,000 employees by Vision Direct, four in 10 shared that they fear their mental health and wellbeing will suffer if they have to spend another six months working from home.

41% of respondents also revealed that they now feel more anxious and isolated than ever before, after already spending months at home indoors.

In addition, 42% stated that they have been struggling with their mental health more than usual in recent months, with 20% adding that they had found their physical health has suffered as a result of rarely leaving the house.

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