Financially stressed employees in the UK

Where are the most financially stressed employees in the UK?

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Brummies have the lowest financial wellbeing out of any city across the UK.

The Employer’s Guide to Financial Wellbeing 2019-2020 has explored the shocking effects of financial worries on people across the UK.

36% of people in the UK today are regularly worrying about money. Perhaps surprisingly, people are worrying more about money than any other area of life, including careers (26%), health (24%) and relationships (19%).

While Brummies have the lowest financial wellbeing in the UK, people from Cardiff have the highest levels of financial wellbeing, with only 11% feeling like they don’t have anyone to talk to about their personal finances.

On the other hand, Londoners are living hand-to-mouth. One in four people living in the Big Smoke have less than £500 available in their current and savings accounts combined.

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