Boomerang employees

Why bringing back ex-staff could help bosses win the war for talent

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  • With the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ causing headaches among leaders, the prospect of a good employee returning to the company sounds like an ideal situation.

  • Data has pointed towards some of these positives. Returning workers are more clued in, and more productive than new hires.

  • So, is bringing back your ex-employees the answer to your current recruitment struggles?

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) finds that currently, vacancies are at an historic high. Companies are struggling to fill labour gaps at all levels, with certain industries such as hospitality and haulage taking the brunt. The ONS found that over one million job vacancies are currently unfilled, despite the fact that employment has shot up since the end of England’s Government-enforced lockdowns.

And whilst some may view the hype around the ‘Great Resignation’ as unsubstantiated by data, our audience disagrees. In October 2021, a poll run by Grapevine Leaders on LinkedIn asked how much bosses were feeling the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’. Over 1,200 readers responded, and an overwhelming 66% noted that yes, it was indeed impacting their businesses.

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