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How do you feel about going back to the office?

A third of employees are reluctant to return to the office due to fears their colleagues will not follow proper hygiene guidelines allowing COVID-19 to spread. This research comes from Solopress, a print firm that found that 33 per cent of UK workers do not have any faith in their colleagues in regards to making sure they keep themselves clean.

June Update from Arena

It is hard to believe we closed our office to the public back in March.  We continue to work remotely from home supporting our clients and our candidates, existing and new.   Thank you to those of you who have continued to work with us during this time.

Why you should 'look to the helpers' in the wake of coronavirus

An astronaut's advice for staying sane whilst isolating

Mental health plummets due to coronavirus

Well done !!

Coronavirus | Will remote working be the norm?

5 top remote working hacks for those self-isolating

The sectors that will struggle to recover from COVID-19

Mental health plummets due to coronavirus

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Is Coronavirus affecting your recruitment process?

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Staying calm in a crisis

10 ESSENTIAL rules for avoiding illness in the workplace

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7 worrying signs you're in the wrong job

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Productivity | How to crush your to-do list

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Productivity | Simple hacks to help you fight a mid-afternoon slump

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Wage hike to put pressure on business

How and why you NEED to get organised in 2020

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How workplace noise is affecting YOU

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Employees are hiding THESE embarrassing work mistakes

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How to use Shared Parental Leave

Are your employees not taking their annual leave?

Was Japan's glasses 'ban' legal?

2 in 5 employees 'pull sickies' to get out of work

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What to do if you HATE your boss

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Employee reveals STRANGE work perk

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Brits waste whole month on work that's already done

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5 secrets to NEVER share with colleagues

Just 1 in 5 employees trust their boss

5 words you should NEVER use in emails

Employees reveal what SCARES them most at work

Is it legal for an employee to get fired because of private messages?

Dealing with a negative co-worker

Outrageous stunts jobseekers have pulled

Should lipstick be banned at work?

This one habit makes you happier and more productive

5 tips for dealing with difficult co-workers

You have seconds to make a good impression - here's how...

Harassment & arm stretches: Jobseekers reveal their weirdest experiences

Health and wellbeing support not in place for employees

5 signs that you can't trust your co-workers

Highest paying entry-level jobs in the UK 2019 REVEALED

They get how much time off?! Countries ranked by holiday allowance

Is your job safe? Careers ranked by job security

UK employees state what gives them the most joy at work

How to fix a bad relationship with your boss

3 simple rules for better work-life balance

There’s nothing wrong with being a dedicated hard worker, but as with all things in life, moderation and vigilance is the only way to ensure your path to success.

THIS is how your boss is monitoring you

How to thrive under an irrational boss

No, the customer isn't always right...

What your inbox says about your personality

How a person deals with their inbox can say a lot about someone’s personality.

Bad habits getting in the way of your success

This is why you NEED to take holiday

Here's why you should work from home

Remote and flexible working are both some of the most common buzzwords that are bandied about within the workplace.

3 questions you should ask your interviewer

THIS is why you feel tired at work

5 things you didn't know could get you sacked

5 high paying jobs with low stress

Do you ever just sit at your desk, gaze beyond that gigantic stack of paperwork and dream of a simpler life?

THESE are the most Googled jobs

Teaching assistants (288,000), estate agents (105,700) and prison officers (98,400) topped the list as the UK’s most searched for jobs on Google in 2019.

Things jobseekers should never include on a CV

Backchat | Fired... for replying to the boss with an emoji

There are a number of valid reasons an employee may be fired; they may falsify company records or be found in possession of drugs at work.

Brits share their 3 biggest career regrets

Do you earn as much as your colleagues? Salary by sector revealed

We share almost everything with our colleagues; we know about their families, we know their annoying habits, their daily routines and, often, how they spend their time when not at work. Yet, there’s one area of every professionals’ life that’s traditionally shrouded in secrecy – their wage.

Women 30% less likely than men to get asked to interview

According to new research conducted by Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, women are on average 30% less likely to be called for a job interview than men – despite sharing similar qualifications – the Economic Times reported.

Identical CV experiment highlights bias against disabled candidates

Disability hiring is still a major factor effecting numerous jobseekers, despite many recruiters and employers’ pledges to abolish any discrimination towards those candidates with a disability.

Five things you should NEVER say to your boss

To excel in the business world, you must cultivate a strong corporate image. It’s sadly the case that many who believe themselves to be ‘stuck’ in a job are often completely unaware that they sabotage their own career prospects on a daily basis by undermining their own abilities and competency.

5 issues most professionals suffer with

Making a success of your professional career is not without its sacrifices. Often, when concentrating on your upcoming projects, other areas of your life and even personal health and wellbeing suffer significantly.

How to deal with a lazy co-worker

It can be utterly infuriating to deal with a co-worker that isn’t pulling their weight. Companies work only if everyone is aiming in the same direction; just one employee impacting production flow can have catastrophic effects on a whole team – and even a whole company, for that matter.

REVEALED: Skills UK employers demand the most

There are numerous traits that employers will look out for when hiring new candidates, from punctuality and appropriate experience, to a set of qualifications that will match the job role. However, there are a variety of ‘soft skill’ factors that hiring managers are also on the look-out for.

Burnout is now a medical condition

Today, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that it will recognise the growing issue of corporate burnout as a medical condition, meaning that as of 2020, it will officially be identified in the International Classification of Diseases.

The main reasons staff quit

Quitting your job is the single biggest career move you’ll ever make. Not only are you freeing yourself from a job or a workplace culture that makes you unhappy, you’re also opening yourself up to a myriad of professional possibilities.

How to leave YOUR job in the right manner

People leave jobs for a myriad of different reasons: from being headhunted for a more senior position, to feeling like it’s simply not feasible to carry on anymore.

4.3million professionals unhappy at work

According to research conducted by Robert Half, over 4.3million employees (or 13% of the national workforce) are held back by mental health problems such as stress, depression and anxiety.

How to guarantee you leave the office on time

Top ways to stay motivated

Recruiter REJECTS candidate for wearing too much fake tan

Letting a job hopeful know they have been unsuccessful in the hiring process is never an easy task for a recruiter, however, one recruiter went one step too far when they accidently left a voicemail for a jobseeker to listen to.

What colour clothing should your candidates wear to interviews?

Whilst a candidates’ job experience and qualifications may be the key elements that secure a job interview, the actual process of meeting with an employer is almost entirely about your personality, your fit to the company and how you come across – especially if the job is client-facing.

Top hacks for mastering your commute

Commuting is, for many, the single worst part of the working day.

5 workplace horror stories

Unless you’re a rogue with nothing to lose (in which case I highly doubt you’re willing to confine yourself to the relative placidity of the modern office anyway), chances are that you’ve worked hard to cultivate a well-rounded office persona.

How to handle a nightmare boss

If you’ve managed to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder with constant support from a boss that believes in your abilities, then you’re extremely lucky.

These are the world's coolest offices

What you do for a living defines so much of your life and identity. For better or for worse, the vast majority of workers find their personal value and purpose in investing their time and effort into their professions, and whilst the output is an important factor, the physical space in which you work has a bigger effect on job satisfaction than you may think.

THESE are the best companies to work for in 2019

Feel like making an executive move? Hilton, Mars UK, Gap and Salesforce were four of the businesses listed in the UK's Best Workplaces 2019 report compiled by Great Place to Work.

Your retirement

How would you spend your later years after taking retirement? Would you sell the house and possessions, buy a Winnebago and follow the sun, wherever it may shine?

Why is recruitment one of the most stressed industries?

National Stress Awareness month has arrived and it’s time we talk about the problems that affect all of us and what we can do to stop feeling strained.

Meghan Markle turns to rec agency for key nanny hire

Hiring a candidate within a royal household can be a daunting prospect for any recruitment agency, as there are a number of requirements a potential employee must meet to secure a role.

George to be interviewed on BBC 3 Counties

Don't forget to tune in for George's radio interview with BBC Three Counties. This will will be held on the Happy Monday’s show with Nana Akua on 20th May at 8:30pm. (It's only for about 15 mins so you can squeeze it in before the final GoT.). .

5 daily rituals to keep you sharp and focused

Disorganisation can never breed productivity. We’ve learned, through studying the habits of the world’s most influential business leaders, that each has a carefully cultivated routine that keeps them fighting fit, active, and most of all – mentally agile.

Can you make more money working fewer hours?

Most people would assume that the more hours you put in, the more you get out in terms of money and success against deliverables. However, there are always those workers who exaggerate their working hours to make themselves seem indestructible.

These are the top factors that could get you fired

Being fired is a nightmare scenario for the vast majority of workers. The concept of being cast out with no stability, future or regular income is an anxiety-inducing thought, especially when it’s simply thrust upon you with no warning.

Key signs that your company culture is toxic

Dragon's Den recruitment star shares his best CV tips

James Caan has been a prolific business leader since the mid-80s; his investment prowess and financial know-how earned him a position on the now-legendary BBC series Dragon’s Den.

This generation is telling the BIGGEST fibs on their CVs

When looking for a new job role, candidates want to stand out against their competition, however, over paper this isn’t always easily done.

Find out how this rec firm works with royal households

Finding the right candidate for a role within a private or royal household requires some specialist knowledge and expertise, something Philippa Smith, Managing Director at Silver Swan Recruitment, has bundles of.

How long should you stay in a job?

Do you enjoy where you work? If the answer is yes, then well done – you’re one of just 15% of workers worldwide who feel valued in their current company.

Are informal job interviews the way forward?

When a candidate is invited to a job interview, it is often assumed that this assessment will take place in a formal environment such as the company’s office or at the recruiter’s office.

Six types of horrible bosses - and how to handle them

The vast majority of upper management within the UK understands the delicate reciprocal balance in worker/ manager relationships for employee wellness and productivity.

How to vastly grow your confidence at work

As a business leader, you’re expected to be bold, headstrong and confident. However, sometimes this simply doesn’t come naturally.

How to prepare for a phone interview

Three reasons why you may be feeling stuck in your job

Feeling stuck in a job isn’t just bad for productivity – it’s bad for physical and mental health and ultimately can massively damage the progression of your career.

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1/3 of employees worry they aren't good enough for their job

One third of all UK employees feel unqualified for their current position, whilst over half (53%) feel that fellow employees aren’t technically equipped to carry out their duties.

7 MOST annoying interview questions - and how to ace them

Every job interview is different with the recruiter or hiring manager quizzing the candidate on their previous employment and experience. Despite this, there are a few questions that consistently crop up.

Seven signs that your boss hates you

Having confidence in your upper management is an essential element of a truly sustainable job; if you don’t feel like your company’s management structure is effective, the temptation to simply hunt for a new position may well be constantly present in your mind.

Does your company have a 'work drinks' issue?

Whilst socialising with colleagues is an important part of building team comradery, in many industries the age-old tradition of team drinks at lunchtime may not be as harmless as some major corporations would like to believe.

Top 5 pre-interview essentials

Keen candidate who turned up a month early for interview bags the job

A previous jobseeker who turned up a month early for her Skype interview with Microsoft has landed her dream role with the tech giant.

Employees offered 12 weeks of 'life leave'

An Australian-based company has rolled out a new initiative where employees are offered between six to 12 weeks of ‘life leave’ – the Independent reports.

Which industries receive the most applications per vacancy?

Recruiters in certain industries are being overwhelmed with applications

How you should negotiate a payrise


Is this the most dangerous job to recruit for?

While many individuals like to live on the edge, it seems as though this job role may be pushing the boat out a little bit.

UK workers feel 'shamed' out of taking holiday

British employees are failing to make the most of their holiday allowance – with 44% failing to use all of theirs last year, according to a new report from Tombola.

Vacancies fall as job market slumps

New research conducted by Adzuna

Five key signs that you're burning out at work

Are you feeling tired all the time? Increased anxiety levels?. These are two of the symptoms of that perhaps your on the road to a burnout.

The 5 worst business mistakes in history

Doh! Think you have made a bad decision at work? See who missed a trick and turned down some of the biggest deals.

Five ways to improve gratitude in your office


The Best CV Buzzwords To Use In 2019

Making your CV stand out from the crowd these days is challenging when you apply for a role, you are most likely competing with people who have very similar qualifications. If you are not having much luck to date, perhaps it is time to rethink your CV and approach it not as a candidate, but as an employer.