Breaking up the working week

3 secrets to breaking up the monotony of the working week

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We all have days in which work feels like an endless slog. On days such as this, you can’t stop yourself clock-watching and the brain fog that has been creeping in completely clouds your mind, preventing you from getting any meaningful work done.

It’s frustrating, yet completely understandable and generally considered to be just ‘one of those things’ that everyone goes through – especially in the mental quagmire of a pandemic.

However, if you find that when remote, every day starts to feel like a slog, then you may well have a problem. What starts as an off day can quickly spiral into a bad couple of days and soon, you’re facing week after week of monotony, broken only by a quick lunch and a TV show or two before bed. Days start blurring together and your to-do list continues to creep upward with no sign of slowing down.

You’re stuck, but you aren’t done for. In fact, there are three ideal techniques that can effectively drag you out of this slump and re-ignite your ability to be productive. So, what are they?