5 benefits employees will want most

5 benefits employees will want most in 2022

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  • ‘Work perks’ are rapidly vanquishing higher salaries as the biggest incentive to draw in new talent.

  • From ‘pawternity leave’ and free snacks to healthcare and even subsidised household bills, it seems every box has been ticked by leaders trying to lure in, and retain, staff.

  • But what are the most in-demand workplace benefits that bosses should take note of?

In a new era where job vacancies are at a record high, power in the labour market lies firmly with the candidates. As such, executives are having to increasingly think outside-the-box when it comes to attracting job candidates, beyond the once-default method of offering a higher salary.

The most effective, and indeed most common method to stand out as a business these days in offering ‘work perks’. But what specific benefits should you be offering to ensure you’re best placed in today’s talent pool?

As reported by The Express, Moneypenny analysed 1,000 job advertisements on Indeed, and surveyed 1,000 UK office workers, to reveal the most commonly offered benefits and how they line up with the workforce’s expectations.

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