5 secrets to NEVER share with colleagues

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How you curate your professional persona defines almost every element of your career.

If you’re known as a professional who can easily compartmentalise their time outside of the office with their career inside of the workplace, then you’re far more likely to be seen as having the potential to rise higher in the company and be given far more important projects with influential clients.

On the other hand, those who instead choose to muddle the line between the workplace and their personal lives will inevitably find that, rather than simply coming across as relatable and interesting, others find their tendency to over-share about the events of their personal lives off-putting and will choose not to deal with them whenever possible.

Disagree? Well, the stats support this point. A 2012 ‘Professionalism in the Workplace’ study conducted by York College, University of Pennsylvania states that interpersonal skills are the number one factor that professionals look for in a good colleague.

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