Working hacks for those self isolating

5 top remote working hacks for those self-isolating

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With the devastating ramifications of the COVID-19 illness’ rapid spread throughout the UK acutely evident in the minds of the population, it’s swiftly becoming clear that for at least a vast majority of workers, remote working will very soon be a regular fixture – if not the only solution – to keeping the economy robust and workplaces open and functioning.

And whilst it may not be ideal for many – in fact recent research found that a worrying number of workers simply aren’t equipped to remote work due to a lapse in contingency measures by employers – many businesses are easing into the concept by testing out strategies for an entirely remote workforce.

The good news for employers is that whilst it may be anxiety inducing to put so much trust on your employees, the current crisis is only forcing employers who may not necessarily be open to the idea of remote working to accept the inevitable and open themselves up to increasing the agility of their workforce; the ONS currently states that 50% of employees will work entirely remotely next year, whilst 90% of staff state that they’d like to work remotely part time.

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