5 words you should NEVER use in emails

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Whereas in years gone by, workers may have hunched over a typewriter for the majority of the workday, piling all of the information that a colleague or a client may need into a single sheet of paper, which would then have a laborious journey of potentially hundreds of miles before the information could then be absorbed and responded to in the same fashion.

We now spend a massive amount of our work hours (in fact, 28% according to research conducted by Mckinsey & Company) incessantly staring at, sorting through, reading and writing work emails.

For most workers, email is the sole form of communication between them and everyone else that they deal with. An email is easy to read and re-read, leaves a paper trail and as such, the language you use and your level of professionalism in emails massively impacts the way you’re viewed by your peers and customers.

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