Fired... for replying with an emoji

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There are a number of valid reasons an employee may be fired; they may falsify company records or be found in possession of drugs at work.

However, one worker in South China has been removed from their post after replying to their manager’s message with an OK emoji, reports the Daily Mail.

The employee who works at a bar in Changsha, Hunan province, was asked by her boss to send over some documents using the messaging app, WeChat.

She responded to her boss’ request with the OK emoji, to signify she understood and would deliver the demand. However, the manager accused her of ‘poor discipline’ and decided to terminate her employment.

In the chat, her boss wrote: "You should type out 'received' if you have received my message. Is this your way of confirming receipt?"

After a few minutes passed, the manager asked the employee to contact HR so she could arrange her resignation.

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