Bullying & withheld pay claims

Bullying & withheld pay claims lead to calls for crackdown on bad bosses

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Calls are growing for the UK Government to fast-track plans for an employment rights watchdog to crackdown on employers who mistreat their workers.

The Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) charity has called for a watchdog “with real teeth” to ensure bosses are treating their staff properly, and impose greater protections for people in low-paid sectors, who they fear are being exploited at work.

On its website, CAS revealed it has seen evidence of “staggering cases of workers being mistreated” during the pandemic, such as bullying, wages being withheld, and employees having their hours reduced without notice or explanation.

In a statement, CAS Social Justice Spokesperson David Scott said: “The vast majority of employers treat their staff fairly, but sadly cases of poor treatment have always been a significant part of the workload of the CAB network.

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