Sackable Offences

Conduct | Sackable offences: where to draw the line

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To get fired from a job is the largest workplace punishment you can receive. Safe to say, you can’t really get a reference from them in the future and you’ll have to seriously work hard to rebuild any lost reputation. But how does someone get fired?

Talking to The Telegraph in 2015, employment partner at Lewis Silkin law firm, Michael Burd said most contracts hold a generic dismissal clause, which leads and is referred to in a summary dismissal. These are obvious things such as bullying, drinking, drugs, theft and also “conduct which brings or is likely to bring the business into disrepute”.

Whatever is in your contract in this section, can be held against you. A conversation found on Just detailed that, because an employee left early from work and this was against policy, they were fired due to gross misconduct. What this conversation also broke down was the process which an employer should use before dismissing someone.

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