Do you earn as much as your colleagues?

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We share almost everything with our colleagues; we know about their families, we know their annoying habits, their daily routines and, often, how they spend their time when not at work. Yet, there’s one area of every professionals’ life that’s traditionally shrouded in secrecy – their wage.

In the UK, salary negotiations are kept heavily under wraps – generally due to the historic social stigma around the concept. People either don’t want to seem like they’re bragging about their massively inflated wage, or don’t want to admit to their colleagues that they’re willing to work for such a minimal income. This, as we all know, can lead to some serious issues.

We recently learned with the clarity that came from the recent introduction of annual wage reports, that even companies known for their progressive policies in other areas such as the BBC have a deeply-rooted issue with gender pay disparities.

So, how do you know that you aren’t paid significantly less than your peers for the same job?

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