What SCARES employees at work

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What are you scared of? No, we’re not talking about free climbing up icy mountains or being gobbled up by sharks – the likelihood of which is around one in 264.1million, by the way.

We’re talking about everyday fears in the workplace. These fears aren’t irrational, like worrying that Jaws is in your bathtub (we refer you to the earlier statistic), they’re perfectly logical and based on real-world experience.

So why do we worry so much about our jobs? Why are we so scared of what the workday will bring? Simply put, because the office is where we spend the majority of our waking hours; our job defines the rest of our life by adding structure, purpose and, just as importantly, money into our lives. It’s scarily simple to lose your job. One single lapse of reason or rationale, one pushed-to-the-edge explosion aimed at the wrong person and you’re out on your heels, searching for another source of purpose and income.

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