How does engagement effect retention

How does engagement effect retention of staff?

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Dur­ing this time of greater than nor­mal staff turnover, you may be ask­ing your­self ‘what is the most impor­tant thing I can do to improve staff reten­tion?’ Well we believe the answer is to boost employ­ee engagement!

It might not come as a shock to hear that employ­ees who are engaged at work are less like­ly to leave their jobs than those who aren’t!

In fact a jour­nal arti­cle from 2020 tells us that meta-analy­sis of 130 stud­ies found that work engage­ment pre­dict­ed 32 — 44% of turnover intention!

So we know engag­ing employ­ees pos­i­tive­ly effects staff turnover, but what can we do to boost engage­ment in an organisation?