How your salary compares

How your salary compares to THESE iconic leaders

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In a time of great economic uncertainty, when employees are facing redundancy and furlough, company financials, and the wages that workers earn as a result, are a hotly debated issue.

For some, this period of economic inactivity on the part of several key industry players has allowed them to gain market share, whilst others have suffered at the hands of changing customer habits and the need to slim down staff headcounts.

However, regardless of profits and losses, some of the biggest CEOs worldwide continue to earn astronomical sums of money each year – a subject of great controversy in the current climate.

A recent study conducted by Gigacalculator identified the ten highest paid CEOs in the world and then utilised their 'Hourly Salary Calculator' to ascertain how long it would take Brits to make what each CEO does in five minutes.

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