Idiotic Office Rules

Infuriating | The most idiotic office rules that drive everyone insane

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The old expression ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ has never been truer than in the case of workplace culture.

Whilst as a leader, you should always be assessing how your company operates to sniff out any cracks, or the potential for cracks, it’s worth noting that implementing new rules, big changes and updating policies incessantly is a sure-fire way to, essentially, annoy your own staff to the point at which it starts to affect wellbeing and turnover. Whilst the occasional policy tweak is usually welcome, especially when employee wellbeing is kept in mind, incessantly barraging your people with seemingly pointless changes swiftly creates a toxic culture.

In fact, a study by Career Experts found that, with every new rule or policy that a company introduces, morale within the company slips slightly. The more rules that are introduced, the more morale drops – this is especially true if the aforementioned rules are absurd or nonsensical. And why do bosses feel the need to implement rolling rule changes? This is usually the case for one of two reasons.

What are the worst culprits for irrational and infuriating rules?