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Surprising link between productivity and your culture explained

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Nine in 10 workers think there is a strong link between their firm’s culture and their wellbeing and productivity, new research has found. The study undertaken by wellbeing specialists Westfield Health highlights the importance of workplace culture and its impact on businesses' success.

In the midst of companies struggling to find employees, data from Westfield Health’s survey of 2,000 workers has shown how much of a role workplace culture plays in retaining and attracting people. More than three-fifths of employees (64%) have stated they would leave their job if their organisation’s culture was not a good fit.

Results from the survey concluded that the vast majority (86%) of employees said they were more productive at work if there was a good culture, while 85% said there was a link between workplace culture and wellbeing.

A wellbeing culture for future success

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A wellbeing culture for future success

Commenting on this research, Dave Capper, CEO at Westfield Health, said: “Companies can’t ignore the sheer importance of culture in today’s workplace – especially if they want to attract and retain talent.

“At the minute, we’re seeing businesses face a battle for talent, and our research shows just how important culture is for workers. Not only does it improve productivity and wellbeing, but it could also make or break if someone leaves their job. Companies must work on their culture and wellbeing strategy to get this right if they want to avoid losing people.

“Businesses can over-complicate their approach to a culture and wellbeing strategy. The easiest place to start is to listen to employees, find out what they want from you and build your strategy around that.”

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