'No office return'

Struggling to make the remote work argument? Here's BRAND NEW Goldman Sachs data HR should use

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HR can often find itself struggling to make arguments for an office return, despite associated benefits with remote or hybrid work.

Many bosses – Alan Sugar, Pimlico Plumber’s Charlie Mullins and Morgan Stanley’s CEO amongst them – have been outspoken against remote working and are pushing for an office return.

Yet, most in HR know that remote working can boost productivity, performance, engagement, retention and profitability.

And, it’s what most employees are now calling for.

Recent Leadership IQ stats found that a whopping 91% would like at least some time working from home, with 39% saying that they’d like to work from home three to four days a week going forward.

It’s seemingly clear: if employers want to engage, retain and attract talent in the future they must offer remote work

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