'Really beneficial'

Sunak warns young may miss out due to remote working - is he right?

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  • 1 in 10 workers – around 1.7 million - believe they won’t ever return to their office.

  • A third of British employees say their office has been permanently closed or re-organised.

  • A quarter of workers say they don’t want remote working to change. So, is the Chancellor right in suggesting it is “really important” for young people to get back into the workplace?

Rishi Sunak fears young people’s opportunities for career progression could be hampered by remote working.

In an interview with LinkedIn News, the Chancellor said that being in an office environment at the start of his career was “really beneficial” and gave him access to mentorship and advice that he otherwise would not have had, had he been working remotely.

He had previously told the Daily Telegraph it was “really important” for young people to be in a workplace, and said he was looking forward to “slowly getting back to that”, according to the Evening Standard.

Sunak said: “I have spoken previously about young people in particular benefiting from being in offices.

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