Relationships- Offended a Colleague?

Relationships | How do you come back from offending a colleague?

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According to a recent report from ACAS (based partially on survey data provided by CIPD), the total cost of conflict to UK organisations in 2021 was £28.5 billion – the equivalent of more than £1,000 for each employee.

From the report: “Close to 10 million people experienced conflict at work. Of these, over half suffer stress, anxiety or depression as a result; just under 900,000 took time off work; nearly half a million resigned, and more than 300,000 employees were dismissed.”

Aside from the worst-case scenario of labour tribunals, however, simple conflicts can escalate or even build over time into soured relationships, workplace grudges and all can lead to a lack of teamwork – which is not only costly, but something that can create an overall toxic environment.

In any organisation, no matter how small or large, there are bound to be conflicts – and being able to resolve conflicts well and move on is the hallmark of a healthy organisation.

But what happens when two people collide? After the dust settles, how do you move on? How do you use these as opportunities for growth and understanding?

"Want more truth about your situation? Put yourself in other people’s shoes."

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