Sleeping on the job

'Nap pods' - a ridiculous or realistic way to help exhausted staff?

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Businesses are losing thousands of pounds per year due to employees struggling with poor sleep and mental health issues such as depression, a new report has found.

Research from the scientists at Unmind, the workplace mental health platform, has revealed that presenteeism (lost productivity due to mental ill-health) is costing businesses approximately up to £5000 per worker, per year.

HR has approached the issue of staff wellbeing and burnout in a variety of ways in recent years. Some firms such as dating app Bumble and sports giant Nike announced office shutdowns to give their staff a chance to recharge.

And more recently, the publication of Unmind’s research coincides with reports from Bloomberg News that one two Japanese firms, Itoki Corp. and Koyoju Gohan KK, had partnered up to release vertical “nap boxes” to encourage a healthier office culture to the country, which is renowned for its intense labour practices, including some of the longest working days in the world.

"I think a lot of Japanese people tend to work continuously with no breaks," Kawashima said.

"We are hoping that companies can use this as a more flexible approach to resting.”

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