The WORST & BEST ways to start your day

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The working week demands some form of regular schedule from professionals. To truly be at your best, this usually requires a set bedtime, to ensure that you get the optimal amount of sleep, and more importantly, a set morning routine – without which you’re doomed to feel groggy, unmotivated and probably arrive late.

However, even with strict self-imposed rules on gaining your forty winks and arriving at work on time, the vast majority of professionals are making a huge error in the way in which they structure their pre-work hours and it all comes down to the first thing they choose to do having woken up – checking their phones.

The smartphone has replaced nearly every other daily-carry items in the possession of the average professional. They are morning alarms, sleep trackers, music players, media centres, games machines, news sources, wallets, keys and, yes, even phones. This means that your iPhone alarm is probably the first noise you hear in the morning, and its screen is the last thing you see before going to bed.

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