These are the world's coolest offices

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What you do for a living defines so much of your life and identity. For better or for worse, the vast majority of workers find their personal value and purpose in investing their time and effort into their professions, and whilst the output is an important factor, the physical space in which you work has a bigger effect on job satisfaction than you may think.

The evolution of the modern workplace had its roots laid in the 1960s with the boom of the ‘office space’. Professional units started to become open-plan – a move that was made to promote more interaction and cooperation amongst colleagues.

And whilst many still work in a 60s style office block, the trend towards employee ‘wellness’ schemes in the early 00s, along with a steep hike in rent for those in cities, promoted a new kind of agile workspace dedicated to digital ‘nomad-ism’ replete with hot desks and the occasional beanbag.

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