The great resignation

THIS generation is at the heart of the great resignation

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  • With the pandemic far from over and the ‘great resignation’ looming, around 1 in 5 workers have either left or are considering leaving their current roles.

  • However, these figures quickly grow to as many as 1 in 3 when accounting for the youngest cohort of workers.

  • Will boomers be left holding the fort while millennials and Gen Z depart in search of new opportunities? The data seems to suggest so...

Much has been made of ‘The Great Resignation’ in recent months. After a year and a half of simply ‘getting by’, it’s widely predicted that, as the world starts to reopen, waves of employees will leave their current jobs in search of roles offering more opportunities for progression, better wellbeing and higher salaries.

According to Venture Beat, around 19% of surveyed workers say they have left or are considering leaving a job in the last year.

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