Top jobs you DON’T need a degree for

Top jobs you DON’T need a degree for, that pay up to £70K

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With the cost-of-living crisis and newest changes to student loan interest, many prospective applicants are reconsidering their alternatives to a university education.

Whilst a degree can put you in line for a successful career, there are plenty of high paying alternatives that don’t require a degree, with many of them in the tech or digital spheres.

Adzuna’s top paying jobs that don’t require a degree2

  1. Scrum Master: Average salary – £66,663
  2. Construction Manager: Average salary – £65,188
  3. Ethical Hacker: Average salary – £63,172
  4. Commercial Pilot: Average salary – £60,796
  5. Food Safety Inspector: Average salary – £60,105
  6. Private Chauffeur: Average salary – £60,000
  7. Buying Manager: Average salary – £54,690
  8. Casino Gaming Manager: Average salary – £52,000
  9. Air Traffic Controller: Average salary – £50,618
  10. Games Developer: Average salary – £50,136

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